Coast House

(Level 12 - CCL# 496800189 )

Established in 1985, the Coast House program serves serves 10 female identified, high school aged youth. This large two-story home is located in a quiet community setting in the quaint town of Sebastopol and offers individual bedrooms that residents may personalize and make their own.

The Coast program combines a significant level of structure with an emphasis on relationships. Each young woman is offered a safe place to learn about herself and establish healthy relationships with others. Within the structured and relational environment, Coast residents work toward mastering the basics of "Connection to Self" with an emphasis on safety and self-respect. Residents develop the communication skills of active listening, self-expression, and conflict resolution. The staff are dedicated to providing a consistent environment that helps residents develop self-awareness and accountability for their actions. Coast residents enjoy shopping, taking walks on the beach, going to movies, working out at the gym and volunteering in the community.