Journey High School

Journey High School is a certified non-public school located on the TLC Child and Family Services campus in Sebastopol, CA. Founded in 1988, Journey High offers specialized instruction and therapeutic services to students requiring more emotional and/or behavioral support than is typically available in traditional school settings.

Our uniquely structured environment provides the necessary structure and supervision that is required, but also the flexibility for students to participate in normative high school experiences including attending dances, participating in student government and affiliation with various school clubs. 

Students participate in project-based learning opportunities, performing arts, career-technical development, and other hands-on, experiential learning options that focus on a combination of education, community involvement and therapeutic process.
The enrollment process begins with collaboration with the student’s home school district, student, family or other service providers. We determine the student’s individual therapeutic and educational needs by reviewing the transcripts, the IEP, psychoeducational reports and district requirements from their school of residence, to determine academic courses needed for high school graduation. 
Students have the opportunity to access online learning when a specialized course is needed. Journey contracts with Odyssey Ware Independent Study program to broaden the scope of courses offered. In the event a student takes one of these courses, a teacher or other facilitator is provided to guide the student through the process.
Our curriculum follows the common core standards, using teachers who are qualified in their respective areas of expertise and special education. 
All classrooms are maintained to a small size of no more than 12 students, allowing for maximum student-to-teacher interaction and permitting teachers and staff to address the diverse abilities of each student.
Teachers, clinicians and support staff help students to identify emotional triggers and off-task behaviors. We then help students find acceptable replacement behaviors to promote success in school.
In combination with Individualized Positive Behavior Supports, Non-Violent Communication (NCV) techniques and Restorative Processes, Journey invites everyone together to reconsider the way conflict is seen and handled within our community. 
Services at Journey High School are strength-based, trauma informed, and grounded in our philosophy of forming connections to self, connections to others and connections to the community.





School Accountability Report 2015-16

JHS Student Handbook