Journey High School


Journey High School

Journey High School is located on TLC campus in Sebastopol, CA. Founded in 1988, the school serves 48 day students with moderate to severe learning and emotional disabilities. Journey’s staff work to address the issues that have interfered with student’s ability to succeed in the standard high school academic setting.





Students who have an Individual Education Plan specifying a non-public school setting may attend with a referral from local Sonoma County School Districts. In addition, many of the students are referred from TLC’s residentially-based programs. Journey High School provides a unique and effective educational environment for these students. The school offers a 9 - 12 grade curriculum that complies with all California district standards. Classroom sizes are 8-12 students with one teacher and an aide.
Journey High School offers a full academic curriculum tailored to the student’s needs and interests and fulfilling district requirements. Students who have satisfactorily completed the high school requirements can be awarded a diploma, either from Journey High School or when appropriate the student’s own community high school.



Our Staff

The staff at Journey High School consists of five Special Education teachers, four teacher’s aides, a social worker, a school counselor and principal. All students enrolled at Journey High School receive annual individualized educational goals based on their specific needs.




Mental Well Being

The school’s outpatient mental health services are an integral part of a highly individualized program addressing studentemotional needs. Teachers and clinical staff work closely together in unison with clinicians and educators in the community to address the academic, emotional and behavioral problems that have disrupted a student’s previous educational experience. To foster their success and focus on academic work, students participate in small-group counseling sessions.







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