Mendocino Emergency Shelter

Mendocino Emergency Shelter


Located at:
237 Gobbi St.
Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone: 707-463-1100
 Fax: 707-463-0211

For information about the children’s emergency shelter, please contact Jacob Kessner

In 1994, TLC’s Foster Family Agency (FFA) program expanded after a merger with the Mendocino Youth Project’s foster family program. As a result, TLC opened a regional office in Mendocino County in Ukiah. This regional office currently supports our Mendocino and Lake County foster care and adoption services and the Mendocino Children’s Emergency Shelter.

Emergency shelter care is defined as the 24-hour/day care of children, for a period of up to thirty days, who have been removed from parental custody because of allegations of abuse, neglect or abandonment. It also includes children who are dependents of the Juvenile Court under Welfare & Institutions Code Section 300 and who need to be removed immediately from an existing foster home or group home placement.

TLC started the emergency children’s shelter in Mendocino County in 1999. The Emergency Children’s Shelter provides 24-hour temporary emergency care to up to 14 children per day, aged birth to 18 years. All children referred are assessed for emotional, behavioral, medical and academic issues. TLC social workers evaluate each child’s progress on a weekly basis. Aids are available to assist foster families with transportation and recreation for these children, as well as respite.

The Children’s Shelter Foster Care Program provides children with 24-hour substitute therapeutic family care in private homes. These loving, warm, accepting and stable homes care for children who must be temporarily separated from their permanent home. The Foster Care Program recruits families from diverse backgrounds to attempt to align with each child’s ethnic background. The Program provides training and support for potential parents. There are special qualifications for these shelter homes. There must be one parent at home at all times and there should be no more than one biological child in the home. All other licensing requirements for foster parents apply.

Mendocino Emergency Shelter