Our Team

Our Team

Scott Matsuura, MSW - Residential Treatment - Director

With TLC Since 2010


Masters of Social Work, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA.
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA.
Associate Social Worker ASW

Work Experience

Scott first discovered his passion for working with adolescents when he worked as a counselor in a residential treatment program, in South Lake Tahoe. In this role, he gained valuable experience, which he combined with his personal love of the outdoors. This led him to Utah where he worked with teens in a wilderness therapy program.
Scott made his way back to Northern California and worked as a therapeutic behavioral aide, mental health case manager, and therapist. He found a home at TLC working as a residential social worker for Coast and Orchard Houses and co-facilitating the Phoenix Connections group.
Scott’s experience, strong clinical intuition and skill lead him to provide clinical supervision for the house managerial team, individual therapy, and assisting with training and program development. He shined in this position and was promoted to Director of Residential Treatment. He continues to provide supervision and support to the residential team, while also overseeing the program, nurturing staff development and working directly with youth and families.
Additionally, Scott brings his passion and expertise in therapeutic wilderness programs to TLC. He has developed, and instituted, an adventure therapy program that helps residents deepen their connection to self, others and community.
Scott enjoys working with teenagers because of their passion, creativity and honesty. The youth he works with are constantly teaching him and keeping him young and honest. He feels that teenagers are an age group that has historically been overlooked when it comes to rites of passage, mentorship and appropriate independence. He’s inspired to support youth through this important time in their lives by providing structure, care and guidance.

More about Scott

When Scott is not at TLC, he’s often fishing, diving, and gardening. He loves the outdoors and can be found taking time for self-care by hiking, running, or mountain biking. He loves spending time with his friends and family and cooks beautiful meals made from his latest catch and vegetables from his garden. He’s an adventurer at heart and enjoys exploring the different communities in Sonoma County and around the world.

Reese Clark, MFT - Residential Treatment - Clinical Director

With TLC Since 2016


With TLC since 2013


Masters of Psychology, California State University, Sonoma
Bachelor of Arts in English, California State University, Sonoma

Work Experience

Jackie started off training to be an English teacher but pivoted her focus to psychology after falling in love with the work of Carl Jung. After obtaining her masters degree in psychology, she began working in the mental health field by facilitating expressive arts and narrative therapy focused groups for women in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
Excited about working more one on one with youth and families, Jackie began working with clients in various community settings as a Wraparound counselor. In this role she delivered TBS and individual rehabilitation interventions, as well as provided crisis support.
Jackie found her home at TLC where she continues to work with youth and families as the Director of Admissions. She sees the strength and potential in every youth she works with and loves watching their growth journey from intake to graduation.
Although you can most often find Jackie in her office or taking families on tours, she can also be found spending time with the youth while river rafting, dancing at prom or handing out popsicles to the youth after a warm day on the ropes course.

More About Jackie

When not at TLC, Jackie enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and dog, Gary. Jackie loves reading and you can always find her nose in a good book. She loves traveling the world and enjoys cooking with flavors she tasted on her adventures.

Dawn Jackson

 Lyz Moeckel - Coast House Manager

With TLC since 2009


Associates degree in social and behavioral science, sociology.
Additionally, she has a passion for behavioral science and studied it for over 8 years through additional coursework, work experience and clinical trainings.

Work Experience

Lyz started working in various therapeutic, residential milieus in 1997. She has worked with diverse age groups, including young boys and girls, elderly individuals and teenagers. She found that her passion is working with teenagers because she loves helping them find their potential and purpose as they move into adulthood.
She loves helping teenagers through the ups and downs of their experience. She enjoys enriching their years of adolescence with challenges, growth and support. Additionally, she’s passionate about helping youth understand that a diagnosis does not define who they are as a person, and that they can work through most things in life with the right support system.
Lyz began working at TLC as a relief staff and then quickly moved into more responsibility because of her clinical skill, intuition and gift with working with youth. From her role as relief staff, she quickly became a full time residential counselor, a senior lead counselor, medical coordinator and then manager of Coast House.

More about Lyz

Lyz is called “Mom” by her friends because of her natural ability to nurture, care for, and help others get on track to make good decisions for their future. She loves helping others find balance in their lives.
Lyz has a natural gift of making people laugh, feel comfortable and connected. She is experienced by both youth and staff as being funny and joyful, able to connect with youth in a genuine way and having a great sense of style.
She has a wealth of knowledge of alternative music and body art and is never short to find a reason to laugh at life or herself.

Jami StollPhoenix House Manager

With TLC since 2012


Drug and alcohol Rehabilitation, Santa Rosa Junior College, 2015
Dual diagnosis certificates with focus on the Juvenile Justice System and Human Services.

Work Experience

Before coming to TLC, Jami got her start in the field working for Community Support Network providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation and advocacy to youth and families. This work fueled her passion of supporting youth with mental health challenges and substance use needs.
Her excitement to work with adolescents brought her to TLC where she started providing direct care to the girls at Coast House. Jami’s natural ability with the youth shined. Within a year she was promoted to senior counselor. She was soon promoted to lead staff and then became the manager of Phoenix House.
Jami loves supporting youth to overcome challenging experiences, to learn new skills and to advocate for themselves. She believes in this work so much and lights up seeing youth make small changes that have a huge impact on their lives. Jami is always active on trips and outings with the youth. She enjoys laughing, camping, and singing with them. Ultimately she loves helping them enjoy their teenage years while building connection to themselves and the community.
As the Phoenix house manager, Jami brings her creativity and passion for the work into the milieu. She enjoys working with the youth because of the energy they have, and seeing them come into themselves as heart-centered leaders.

More about Jami

When not at TLC, Jami can be found spending time with her own teenage boys, watching football, crocheting gifts for others, and spending time with her family. She loves having fun, being active and trying new things. She is known around TLC as being bubbly, fun, and having a contagious laugh.

Elizabeth Barone - Orchard House Manager

With TLC Since 2011

Associates Degree from SRJC.
Bachelor’s Degree, Human Development and Outdoor Education. Prescott College
Certified Wilderness First Responder

Work Experience

Liz grew up in California and has been working with adolescents with mental health and behavioral needs since 1999.
She started her career working in a residential program that specialized in helping youth with substance use and mental health challenges. She then transitioned to TLC in 2001, so she could expand her skills and experience.
Because Liz is a natural explorer, and has a passion for learning, she temporarily left TLC in 2003 to travel. During this time, she lived in Costa Rica, Tahoe, Idaho and various locations in California. While traveling, she continued to work with adolescents in schools, Juvenile Hall and residential programs.
In 2009 Liz put her roots down in Sonoma County and returned to TLC, where she’s been since. She returned to her position as line staff and quickly became a senior counselor due to her natural leadership ability, clinical skill and ease with the youth. She shined in this role so was a natural fit to become manager of the house.
Liz finds that working with teens in this setting is extremely rewarding. She loves helping them see their potential, find hope and excitement for their future. She’s passionate about helping youth come into their own, find community and learn independent living skills.
In this spirit (which is also fueled by her love of the outdoors), she became a lead facilitator and co-developer of TLC’s Outdoor Adventure Program. Liz is active on all the trips and loves providing experiences to youth they wouldn’t have otherwise. Liz believes in the power of mentorship and the outdoors as a way to support the whole person, energize autonomy, individualization, and self-efficacy.
When Liz is not out hiking, snowboarding, or sailing with the youth, she’s at the house with her dog Jameson who the youth have dubbed their house mascot.

More about Liz

When not at TLC, Liz is spending time with her family, laughing and acting like a kid with her daughter. She feels at home when outdoors and is often exploring new hiking trails and beaches. Liz regularly plays soccer and well loved by her teammates.

Our Team