Parent Groups

Adoption and Foster Care Support Groups / Family Night

The TLC Adoption and Foster Care Support Groups have been a safe place for foster care and adoptive families to come together and share the trials and tribulations of caring for foster children. Since 2006, the support group offers a place for foster parents to come and discuss critical issues and provide support to each other for the hard, yet rewarding work of caring for a special needs child. Foster and adoptive parents have unique parenting experiences that can benefit other families going through this complicated process. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for their foster and adoption experience is invaluable.

The foster care support group discusses an assortment of issues related to foster children. These topics may include:

  • Trauma Informed Parenting
  • Attachment
  • Advocating for educational resources
  • Responses to questions posed from the "outside world"
  • Strategies to support children who feel "different"
  • Transcultural Famlies
  • Birth Family Contact

We laugh, cry, and share our lives with others.

Support groups take place on Family Night, which includes childcare, and often dinner. This is a time for celebration and communilty building for all members of the family.