Phoenix House

(Level 12 - CCL# 490110003)

Established in 1983, Phoenix House is a 10 bedroom home that supports high school aged youth. Built in 2008 and located on our main campus, this spacious, ranch style home is set on an acre of land and is surrounded by apple orchards, and offers individual bedrooms for each resident. Residents enjoy the property for skateboarding, basketball and other similar activities.

The Phoenix program combines a significant level of structure with a strong sense of community within the house. Residents are expected to work diligently on mastering the basics of "Connection to Self" including safety and self-respect while living in a community of other youth.

Phoenix House residents often enjoy going to the beach, swimming at Spring Lake, searching for employment, taking music lessons, playing basketball at the local YMCA, skating at the local skate park, going to the movies, shopping, working out at the gym, or volunteering at local organizations.