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 Lifelong Connections…

A Resource for Parents, Guardians, and Caring Adults
Welcome to our Lifelong Connections page!  This dynamic and changing page is designed to be a place of connection and resource for you our TLC parent, guardian or caring adult.  We will update this page with information on upcoming events so please keep checking back.
Also, we have a blog for our parents and guardians so you can connect with other parents and guardians who have a youth at TLC.

Connections Seminars for Parents and Guardians
We offer quarterly Connections seminars for parents and guardians to learn about community resources, future planning, and connecting youth to the community.  This gives you an opportunity to meet other parents and guardians who have youth at TLC.  You can find the power point presentations here on the website for your reference.

Past Connections Day Seminar Materials:

  1. The W’s of SSI:
    Jennifer Polumsky from the Public Consulting Group (PCG) who has worked with the John Burton Foundation on the SSI Transitions Project speaks on the W’s of SSI.
    What is SSI, what kinds of disabilities qualify?
    Where do you apply?
    Why would you want it?
    Who can apply?
  2. Concervatorship and Special Needs Trusts:
    Aaron Feldman a Bay Area attorney with nearly 30 years’ experience and a member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners discusses the availability and benefits of Limited Conservatorships, as well as the importance of special needs planning to protect your child’s right to Medi-Cal, SSI and other public benefits.
  3. Adult Mental Health & Local Organizations:
    Karen Sellite the health program manger for Sonoma County Mental Health discusses navigating county level adult mental health.  NAMI presenters Ron and John give information on the Sonoma County NAMI resources. Sean from Interlink in Santa Rosa discusses the groups, one-to-one support, and safe environment for adults with mental health issues that the self help center provides.




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